Our values - Tsibananas


Current production and consumption systems are created with the sole objective of generating money, above the health of the planet and the rights of workers and other living beings.
We want to be the alternative to all this and contribute to make this planet a better world, so we put all our effort into achieving the most sustainable and ethically produced products, thus contributing to a healthier system and trying to spread the message of sustainability and ethics. for others to take it too.


Products in our store are made by local artisans in Spain, by small EU member businesses or by verified ethical manufacturers explicitly committed to providing safe, healthy and harrassment-free work environments, living wages and legally binding contracts for their employees. Our t-shirts are made from fair trade cotton in. Check your labels. Demand transparency.


We are contracted with a renewable energy supplier and minimise our use of water, energy and packaging, we print our organic cotton t-shirts using water-based inks. Our suppliers share our commitment to the planet. Examples of some of the sustainable products we sell are: Jewellery made from recycled silver, vegan shoes made from recycled and recyclable materials, natural, zero-waste soaps.


The bags, wallets, jewellery, candles and bandanas in our shop are all handmade by artisans in Spain. We also screen print our tees and some of our artwork in house. We love to be able to support small enterprises which share our values. Artisans put a lot of love and care into what they do, and it shows in the quality and originality of their work.


We are a 100% vegan shop. For us this is our biggest motivator. It is never necessary to kill another animal for human use. As well as being more compassionate, becoming vegan is also the biggest way we can affect environmental change as individuals. The effects of the delusion of human superiority and dominion over animals are finally coming to light. It's time to rethink what is acceptable.

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