this shop is BANANAS


100% of t-shirts and 80% of jewellery profits go to Rebrot de la vida , an animal sanctuary that gives everything to take care of those most in need.

Sorry, we don't sell Bananas

This shop is Bananas is a small store that opened last November 2018, with the intention of bringing ethical, sustainable and handicraft products, keeping the design present in every detail. At the same time, we try to send a message of change for a more beautiful and sustainable world.

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Our interest with the environment and the beings that surround us, have led us to look for the products that are most committed to sustainability, work ethic and respect for all animals.

We used to have a shop, now you can purchase all here online :)

Stamps which verify our products

  • Logotipo ecosilver blanco y negro
  • Logotipo Fair Share blanco y negro
  • Logotipo Fair Wear fundation blanco y negro
  • Logotipo 100% organic content standard blanco y negro