Since we realized that we did not want to collaborate with animal suffering through our daily consumption, we realized that there was another way to live, a more compassionate way with other beings and with the planet. That is why we started this project that aims to bring more sustainable and ethical options to consume.

Our values

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Trynka Jewellery is inspired by moments of human discovery and imagination, pared down to simple elegant geometric shapes. The result is understated, yet striking.

Forged in sterling silver, these are timeless pieces for you to wear and treasure season to season.

This T-shirt is Bananas

We make our own t-shirt designs that we print in our small workshop always using the most ecological products. We make minimalist designs and with our own message, making small runs of each model so we contribute to not generate waste by extra stock, following the philosophy of slow fashion. In addition, the shirts we use are produced under the principles of fair trade and using organic materials.

Appart from t-shirts we also produce sweatshirts and Totebags


Animal sanctuaries and organizations for the protection of the environment.

In our day to day we try to spread the values we live on, but it is also necessary to take a step further, to take action. That is why we collaborate in actions and support organizations and sanctuaries so that they can also continue their work.

Our goal is that each of the products in the store can carry a percentage of the profit destined to help these associations or sanctuaries or collaborate on specific projects. Will you help us achieve our goal?

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    We try to spread a model of sustainable life with both the planet and all living beings that inhabit it.

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    We collaborate supporting different sanctuaries and animal shelters, such as El Rebrot de la Vida, Pollets de la Terreta, Darna Animal Rescue and many others.

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    We help organisations and sanctuaries either by volunteering or by facilitating screen printing jobs so that they can have merchandising.

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